Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi enjoys high popularity in the country. He is definitely one of the most popular leaders in the world today. The result, however, has started showing on the social media now. Narendra Modi becomes the most followed World Leader in the Instagram account. Many users need to use sites like to have a big following but not Mr. Modi.

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He has defeated his immediate competitor Donald Trump by 0.3 Million followers. Narendra Modi currently has 6.6 million followers and Donald Trump enjoys 6.3 million. However, Donald Trump has more interaction in terms of likes and comments over Modi. However, Narendra Modi has only posted 53 photos as compared to 1028 photos shared by Donald Trump. However, in terms of percentage, Modi leads Trump.

The scene would have been different had the US president remained the same. Barrack Obama, the former US President still has around 13.8 Million followers in Instagram. This is higher than the combination of Modi and Trump. This simply gives the idea about the charisma and popularity of Barrack Obama who is currently a non-political figure in the United States.

PM Modi has remained very active on social media unlike other Prime Ministers of India. However, he is more active on the micro-blogging social media site Twitter than Instagram. But, his followers leave no stone unturned to take him to the top most post. However, he would be happier to take Indian Economy at the highest level in the world rather than his Instagram followers.

However, this does prove a point that today he is certainly one of the most popular leaders in the world.