Najran Fire Incident Saudi Arabia
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Najran Fire Incident in the South West of Saudi Arabia has kept the External Affairs Ministry very busy in India on Thursday. The fire accident has killed at least 11 Indian labours that went to Saudi Arabia as the migrant worker. According to the local Saudi Gazette, people died due to asphyxiation. Reports have confirmed that at least four more people are injured.

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However, the reason behind the death is tragic and negligence. It has been reported that the building where the fire was caught, was windowless. The firefighters reached on time but it was very difficult to stop the fire of the windowless building. Many believe that had there been windows, many lives could have been saved.

External Ministry is in constant touch with the Saudi Arabia counter parts. Smt Sushma Swaraj, External Affairs Minister has tweeted and confirmed the death of at least 10 Indian migrants in Saudi. The numbers may however increase.

However, the question remains on the Najran Fire Incident. Why were people put into a windowless building? Was there adequate security measures? Was it death because of an accident? or negligence? Najran Governor has ordered a probe, but considering the secrecy and the nature of Saudi Arabia, questions may remain unanswered.

The human right violation on the migrant workers is nothing new in the Arab Country. People have suffered tragic times in the country where there are strict laws and order. However, negligence for the migrants have killed many in the Arab State, but it may be the time for the people to think and then go for some migrant jobs in Saudi.