Nagaland has a history of violence and terrorist activities by the rebel groups. The National Socialist Council of Nagaland (Khaplang) is said to be responsible for the attacks. However, the reports have also confirmed that the ULFA (Independent) terrorists were also gunned down by the Army. Both the groups are very much active in Nagaland and often carry out attacks on security forces.

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The Naga Terror groups are more of extreme communist groups and the experts believe that the groups get funded by the Chinese through Myanmar border. The Nagaland Encounter has once again brought back the much anticipated question of integrity and terrorist activities in the remote areas. Nagaland has a huge amount of forests and mountains and many areas are so remote that it is almost impossible to monitor everything. The rebel groups take the advantage of the same and have remained in hideouts. The same thing happened around 360 Km from the State Capital Kohima during the encounter.

The Army got information about the Terrorist hideout in Tijit, Lappa of Mon District. One army major led the team but there was a sudden ambush by the terrorists. The reports have confirmed that the Army Major has martyred in the encounter and three terrorists were gunned down. The incident took place at around 10 PM in the darkness. The Army has confirmed the reports and reaffirmed that the combing operation is underway and the main operation is already over.

There are reports that one civilian also lost his life during the encounter. However, there is no concrete report and information on the same. The Army has not confirmed it either.