‘Mountain blood’ or ‘glacial blood’ these are the words which puzzled scientists for years. It seems that now scientists were able to find the actual reason to this natural but mysterious phenomena. Researchers at University of Alaska concluded in their research papers that the red color fluid that comes out of the glacier is nothing but red colored briny seawater that gets tinted due to the sea water trapped in under the glacier.

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The phenomena was first discovered in Antarctica in year 1911 and it was named as ‘Blood Falls’ back then. This natural phenomena also gave rise to several superstitions. For decades, the nomadic tribes used to think that the blood of mountain flows through the glacier. However, now research have proven the red colored brine is nothing but iron rich fluid which turns red as soon as it comes in contact with oxygen.

Research Snapshot on Mysterious Blood Fall in Antarctica:

The team of researchers working on the report used radio echo technology to detect the path of the fall beneath the glacier in Antarctica. The research also shows that the water fall was beneath the glacier could be there since millions of years.

The research report regarding the Blood Fall in Taylor glacier in Antarctica is also featured in the journal of Glaciology.

There are many such natural phenomena that keeps on occurring, however there are no scientific backing or reasoning to it. Day by day as the science and technology progresses, many such mysteries will be able to see the light of the day.

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