Muslim Population to overtake Christian in coming years – Research

Muslims to outnumber Christian in coming days, the Pew Research Center confirmed. The total number of Muslim babies born to the Christian will be more by 2030-2035 confirmed the research. The report also said that the total number of Muslim Population will grow larger than the Christian by 2060.

The young Muslim Population and the high fertility rate among the Muslims are considered to be the primary reasons for the surge of the population. In another 20 years, the research suggests that total Muslim babies born will be around 225 million per year to that of the 224 million of Christian. However, the Christian will still be the largest religion in terms of population by then. However, the scenario will change by 2055-2060 confirmed the report.

The growth of Muslim babies born in 2016 has surged to 31% from 24% of 2015 said the Pew Research Center. The study says that by 2050 there will be a parity between the Muslim population and Christian population overall. Muslims will be around 29% of the total world population by then and Christian will be around 31% confirmed the report.

The report also confirmed that India will become the country with the largest Muslim Population in future by toppling Indonesia. Presently, Muslim is the fastest growing religion in the world.
Even though the Muslims are expected to overtake the Christian population by 2060, but many believe that it may become reality ahead of that time. The experts believe that high conversion rates into Islam in various Muslim majority countries may become a factor as well.