Muslim Law Board has responded to the Supreme Court and the outrageous comment is much worse than the Triple Talaq. The Muslim Law Board said in the name of social reform one cannot snatch Religious Freedom. But what it went on to say shows why social reform is required.

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The Muslim Law Board explained that a male sometimes wants to get rid of the wife and they can restore to killing the wife illegally as well if required. The judicial process is time consuming and should not be entertained. Thus the Triple Talaq is better than Killing wife and should stay. India gives the constitutional right to every religion to practice their religion. But religious freedom does not really mean human right violation. When a law board compares divorce and killing that means social reforms are utmost required.

The All India Muslim Personal Law Board or AIMPLB told that the Article 25, 26 and 27 of the constitution allow religious freedom, freedom to practice religion and protect it as well. Thus the Personal Law cannot be rewritten.

Interestingly, the Personal Law which is part of the Muslim Law completely violates Article 14, 15, Article 19(2) and Article 21. Article 14 says the equality and the Muslim Law says that male is stronger and woman is weaker in the marriage accord. This also violates Article 15 that talks about non-discrimination. The Article 19(2) says that there can be restrictions on Public Morality and Health on religion, even though everyone has the right to practice the religion and protect it, but the constitution is above everything. The most disastrous contradiction of the law is Article 21 which simply says Right to Live. The law has barred barbaric traditions like Sati, prohibited Child marriage, started Remarriage of the widow and others in Hinduism for the Social Reforms in past. Religious Freedom is the pillar of Indian Democracy but that does not really give you the right to violate the rights of the others.

In today’s world, getting rid of a wife by killing her sounds barbaric and to avoid that accept Triple Talaq to deny Muslim women all rights is a violation of many parts of the constitution in the name of religious freedom. However, the matter is with the Supreme Court and the Honorable Court needs to decide what is right for the constitution.

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