Murthal Rape allegations have taken an ugly shape now. The Punjab and Haryana High Court today directed the Haryana Police and Government to find out the victims and the accused in this case. The High Court clearly mentioned that there is no doubt about the Murthal Rape incident. The court noticed that there were heinous crimes in the name of the Jat Reservation Agitations and ordered Police to find out the reports as soon as possible. It also said that under any circumstances the Haryana Police and Government can squash the claims that there was no Rape. The court observed that there are clear indications that the incident happened and now the police must investigate and find out the accused and victims in this case.

Murthal Rape incident

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Just after the Jat agitations in Haryana, there were widespread media reports of rapes in Murthal area of Haryana. There were testimonies from the local people, officials and even few victims. However, the reports were squashed saying rumors. Once the petition reached the High Court, the crime becomes more evident. There are even cases of leaked reports of the SIT formed which claimed there was no Rape.

Here are some photo evidences of Murthal Rape incident clicked by media during and after the Jat Reservation Stir.

Murthal Rape evidences

Murthal Rape evidences

Murthal Rape evidences

After the court interference, the representative of Haryana Government and Police said that rape reports were not declined but more investigation will be required for establishing the facts.

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