Mother caught selling her newborn daughter
Source: Mirror

Mom caught selling her newborn daughter for a mere £3,000. She was planning to buy a pair of boots and some deposit on a new house.

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Luiza Gadzhieva, 25, was arrested in Moscow, Russia while attempting to sell her one-week-old baby.

Mom caught selling her newborn daughter

The heartless mom advertised her newborn daughter on the black market. She advertised that she seeks adoptive parents for her daughter.

Subsequently, Luiza accepted £3,000 for her child.

The mom also has three more children but her luck ran out when she was caught in a sting operation. The law enforcement agencies posed as potential buyers and caught her red-handed.

Gadzhieva even discussed with her sister that she was going to buy a pair of boots with the money. Her sister was aware of her sinister plan from the beginning.

The meeting between the buyers and Gadzhieva was at a local coffee shop.

She even told the potential buyer,

“Don’t say ‘to sell’, it sounds rude. You can judge me but I cannot [cope],” as per Mirror.

Before the Police came into the place, an ant-slavery group tried persuading her not to sell her baby. They tried explaining to her that the dangerous and bad future awaits for the baby after selling. The group even told her that her newborn baby would be handed over to gypsies and criminals. However, Gadzhieva was not interested in what lies for the newborn and insisted on selling her to the buyer.

The Police however arrested her soon.

She was seen hiding her face in shame when quizzed by the detectives. Gadzhieva has pleaded guilty to the crimes and charges have been imposed on her.

The baby is in care and now out of danger.

However, it is not immediately clear the condition of her other three children.