Mohajirs in Pakistan – Since the killing of Hizbul militant Burhan Wani, the world has seen Pakistan shedding crocodile tears for Kashmir. Pakistan has spared no international forum to highlight so-called Indian atrocities in Kashmir. But when it comes to their own citizen, Pakistan surprisingly turns blind to their sufferings. The Mohajirs in Pakistan is suffering since long in the hand of the Pakistani military.

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Mohajirs are being targeted by the Panjabi Pakistanis since ages. But now Mohajirs have decided to take the issue on the international forum. Pakistani Mohajirs are leaving no stone unturned to highlight their plight in Pakistan. On Saturday, a huge number of Mohajirs turned out to protest against Pakistani atrocities on them in front of White House in the United States. The protest was so intense that the American security personnel had to intervene to control two opposite groups. As per reports, the Protest was led by political party Muttahida Quami Movement which has huge Mohajir following in Pakistan.

The Muttahida Quami Movement leader Altaf Hussain urged US President Barack Obama to pressurize Pakistan to stop the rampant killings of innocent Mohajirs in Pakistan. Altaf Hussain alleged that Pakistani Army is involved in Killing of thousands of Mojahirs since independence. He further went to on claim that there are numerous cases of human right violations in Pakistan that need to be checked and the United States being an ally should take immediate steps to stop such atrocities in Pakistan.

Now besides taunting India and fanning violence in Kashmir, Pakistan should concentrate on the sufferings of Mojahirs and Baloch groups.