Yessenia Estefania Alvarado
Source: newsflash

Model Mom kidnapped and was snatched away from her family on August 19 this year. The 24-year-old Yessenia Estefania Alvarado from the city of Ciudad Obregon was kidnapped by a group of men while she was shopping in Mexico.

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The family registered a missing case with the police and there was no update on her whereabouts. On September 20, police found a mass grave in Canal Bajo on September 20.

Mass Grave – Source: newsflash

There were seven dead bodies in that mass grave and one Alvarado. Her family first identified her with the cloths. Later the DNA test confirmed her identity.

The prosecutor has not confirmed the death of five others. No other victim has been identified apart from Alvarado. Three of the other victims were men and two were women, the gender of the last victim has not been revealed yet, reported the Sun.

Source: newsflash

Her brother tried everything to find his sister when she was missing. However, left heartbroken for his sister and her little son.

Model Mom Kidnapped – the investigation

The police have arrested three suspects so far, but the investigation is still ongoing.

It is not sure why Alvarado was kidnapped. There has been no report of asking for ransom for her release either. Reports have not confirmed sexual abuse either so far. The forensic team has been analyzing the bodies and the gravesite for more information.

The family is heartbroken for the loss of their young daughter and a mom. However, they have not released a formal statement so far. Local reports believe they are still waiting for more details from the investigation.