missing woman found after two years
Source: Daily Mail

Missing woman found after two years alive in the sea. She was found alive off the coast of Colombia. Angelica Gaitan, 46, lost contact with her family, almost two years ago. She was then found out a mile off a beach in Puerto Colombia. She was found by a fisherman, Rolando Visbal in a very weakened state.

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Angelica revealed she jumped into the sea in a suicide attempt. She revealed that she was subjected to 20 years of continuous domestic abuse at the hand of her ex-husband. The woman revealed that she was cut off from family and friends due to the abuse.

Missing woman found after two years

The floating woman was spotted. She was in the Ocean for eight years. Angelica arrived in the hospital in shock. She received treatment and doing well now.

She said as per Daily Mail,

‘I was born again, thank God. If I had had an opportunity or help, I would not make that decision. Now I am very grateful because God gave me a new opportunity to move forward.”

Gaitan explained that her ex-husband would beat her violently. She was beaten even during her pregnancies. While crying, she said that even though she reported to the police, he will come back after 24 hours of detention and the assault will begin. As the girls were small, she could not leave.

Gaitan recollected her trauma and said she was abused and her ex-husband broke her face. He even tried killing her.

She however left and was wondering in the streets for almost six months. Then she found a shelter in a women shelter. But the harassment did not stop. She was even abused, bullied, and harassed at the center.

However, her protection measures ended as he moved states. She had nothing left, and nowhere to go. She decided to end her life and tragedy.

However, local media found her daughter, Alejandra Castiblanco. She however rejected all the reports of the abuse. The daughters are currently raising money to get her mother back to Bogota.