Ilhan Omar
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Minnesota democrat disowns Ilhan Omar when asked about her. Democratic representative Collin Peterson who represents the 7th district of Minnesota was firm when asked about Ilhan Omar. He said, she does not want to defend her and she does not belong to the party.

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Ilhan Omar represents the 5th district of Minnesota. Peterson is running for the re-election. He was asked about democrat Ilhan Omar, and in response, he disowned her from the party.

Minnesota Democrat disowns Ilhan Omar

This is a contrast to his behavior of April when he went on to defend Ilhan Omar. Omar gave a controversial statement on the 9/11 incidents. She said that some people did something on the brutal terror attack. However, Peterson defended her and said, “I think she was trying to say that some people in her community feel like they’re being targeted.”

Ilhan Omar, a native of Somalia was migrated to the United States. She has been one of the most polarizing figures in US Politics.

She asked for the disbanding of Minneapolis police after the death of George Floyd. She also pushes to abandon immigration and customs enforcement.

She has been a fierce critic of President Donald Trump. She has referred him as a racist tyrant just this week.

Omar also caught eyeballs when she did not raise her voice for the Armenian genocide by Turkey. However, she often talks about Muslim rights. Many told that she is biased and did not speak for the Armenian genocide.