Microsoft to Buy LinkedIn for Whopping Amount – Deal Details Inside

Microsoft to buy LinkedIn for a whopping amount of $26.2 billion, the company said in a statement. This would be the merger of the largest cloud network with the largest professional network. According to the statement, two major firms have agreed to sign a deal under which LinkedIn will now be a part of the Microsoft family.

However, the completion of the deal may take some time and should be over by the end of the year. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has said that this would be a breakthrough deal for the company. However, Microsoft has said that LinkedIn will not be rebranded. It would work as it is with Jeff Weiner as the CEO. There will be no change in the structure as well.

Microsoft to buy LinkedIn

This deal will pave a way for the two companies to make a big impact. Microsoft is obviously looking for larger business apart from a software giant. LinkedIn can be a great platform for the company to expand the business. Jeff Weiner has also welcomed the deal.

LinkedIn has close to 450 million professionals and has the largest network. The combination of the cloud of Microsoft and the network of LinkedIn can ink a new beginning for both the companies. The share of LinkedIn has already jumped 47% after the news. Speaking of combining the cloud capabilities with new technologies, businesses looking to stay ahead of the game may want to check out this webpage to learn about cloud migration planning from Bamboo Solutions and see the best way of going about moving between services to improve the functionality of their Office suite software applications..

Microsoft to buy LinkedIn for a better prospect. Microsoft has been trying to push into a different business. However, the last deal with Nokia did yield much for the company. It will hope to make it big with the LinkedIn acquisition.