Michael Phelps, the most celebrated, decorated and cheered Olympian in the history of Olympics is set to play his last Olympic event on Saturday. If he is to be believed then this should be his last match of Olympics as well. Phelps has clearly said that this would be his last Olympic and he would not participate in Tokyo Olympics 2020.

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The most successful Olympian with 27 medals and 23 Gold Medals has decided to move on. He recently said that he is not going to come back after Rio 2016. One of the best swimmers in the world, Michael has represented the USA and has made many records for his country. However, his defeat in the 100 meter butterfly to Joseph Schooling of Singapore may have prompted him to take the decision.

Phelps claimed that 2012 would be his last Olympics in the last Olympics but then he participated in Rio again. People are hoping that the champion swimmer would be seen in Tokyo again after four years but the man himself is confident not to come back.

Ryan Lochte said that he thinks Phelps will come back to Tokyo but Phelps said that Olympics is done and Rio should be the last for him. So, he would swim his last event on Saturday for the 4*100 meters Relay race and he would love to finish it with a Gold.

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