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Hyderabad, Telangana: 

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MI v RPS, India was ready to witness one of the crackers for the IPL 10. Mumbai Indians who were ready for their hat trick to lift the cup had to shrug off the determined Pune who looked for their first win in the only second competition. Mumbai had earlier lost all the matches with RPS as well in IPL 10, and there was a psychological advancement for RPS.


The match was see-saw moment for the Mumbai Indians. The team was looking to score some runs and Pune was putting immense pressure on the batsmen. Parthiv, Simmons, Rohit, Rayadu, Rohit all failed. The fire power of Pollard misfired again. It was up to the Pandya brothers who consolidated the innings along with late hitting by Mitchell Johnson. MI reached 129 from the 79/7 stage due to some quality batting from Krunal Pandya. Smith, however, created the platform by giving the ball to Daniel Christian who conceded 27 runs in the 18th and 20th overs despite he has the overs left from Shardul Thakur.

For RPS, the match was half won. It does not matter which pitch you are playing, in T20 cricket, it is almost impossible to defend the 128 runs. Rahane started beautifully but Pune lost Tripathi soon. He has given them the fire power at the start of the innings mostly this season. Steven Smith and Ajiyankya Rahane played comfortably and it all looked that they are easing towards the target. There was no hurry, there was no try to score boundaries, Rahane tried to accelerate but Smith looked calm. Once Rahane was out, Dhoni came in and as usual, he was also calm. However, the asking rate wasn’t. It was climbing and RPS did not look bothered at all. The asking rate went from 6 to 12 per over, but Pune looked relaxed. The last three overs needed 30 runs to win, they lost only three wickets, Smith was still batting who looked set, but the intent was lacking. Pune came down to 11 runs from last over. Manoj Tiwari scored a boundary on the very first ball of the over. Then Pune failed to score 7 runs from 5 balls again because of lack of intent.

It all looked that Pune as a team did not play to win. It was way too casual for the team and resulted in a thrilling in terms of the chase but dull in terms of cricket IPL 10 Final.