Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air has been launched in India with huge expectations. It may be surprising for many as Xiaomi enters the Laptop Specs. The Laptop market has been constantly declining but Xiaomi may want to trouble the other leaders in the market with the of course economic alternative of high specs Laptop. But is it advisable to buy the all new Mi Notebook Air. Here is the Mi Notebook Air Specification.

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There are two versions of the all new Mi Notebook Air, one with 12.5 inches display and 13.5 inches display.

Specifications for 12.5 inches Display

Processor – Intel Core M3
Storage – 128 GB SSD
Price – INR 36,200 (Approx)

Specifications for 13.5 inches display

Processor – Intel Core i5-6200U
Storage – 256 GB SSD
Price – 50,200 (Approx)

Why shall you buy Mi Notebook?

If you look at the design of the Mi Notebook then it is sleek and made of metal. It looks classy and it will be hard for you to spot differences with Macbook. The silver color makes it even classier. The light weigh also gives it the added advantage. However, if there is anything that makes the difference is the specifications and the price. All the other Laptops that sport similar features are way to costlier than Mi Notebook and that makes real sense to buy this. MacBook Air and HP Envy Series are almost 15000 to 20000 costlier, on the other hand, Dell Laptops are close to 25000 costlier than this.

Mi Notebook Air Price is obviously attracting and at this point of time, none other offers same specs at this price.