Mexico earthquake has caused at least 247 causalities so far and more deaths are expected. At least 44 buildings have been completely or partially collapsed due to the 7.1 Earthquake. This was after the power 8.1 Earthquake hit the city where several causalities were reported. The local media reported that many people are trapped in the debris of the collapsed building and number of deaths can be increased. The high number of causalities has been reported in the area of Mexico City, Morelos, Guerrero state and other adjoining areas.

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However, the question arises that what is triggering the earthquake. This is the second powerful quake in the country in less than two weeks. Aftershocks are also expected and the city may battle further damage. The damage has been huge and the exact loss of property cannot be expected as of now. However, the Geo-Physicists have the answer to this crisis.

Why is Mexico facing so many earthquakes?

The prime reasons of both the Mexico earthquakes have been identified as the large-scale tectonic movements, believe the scientists. The North American Plate is moving and forcing the Cocos Plate to sink. This is a large scale shift and that is causing the earthquakes. In fact, the number of quakes can be expected and one can only get prepared, as they can’t prevent it.

However, the impact in Mexico is more and there are valid reasons for that as well. If the trends are seen then Mexico City is the worst survivor. The reason behind it is that Mexico City is built on the old lake sediment and not rock. The old sediment of a lake is generally softer than the usual sediment rocks or igneous rocks for that matter. The seismic waves that originate due to the earthquake spread through the sediments and amplify the impact. This is why the impact is larger in Mexico City.

But is the Government, people, and authorities prepared for it? Well, not completely. In 1985, the great Earthquake almost devastated the Mexico City and since then the city has battled well against. However, as the quake is now getting frequent, it will be hard for the Government to get adequate measures to reduce the loss of lives and property.