Mewat Gangrape has once again shocked the nation. The rape of the minor and the woman by the robbers emerged from Haryana days after the Delhi Kanpur road gangrape in Bulandsahar. The spine chilling incident has raised the same question of woman safety in this country.

The Police have however jumped into action to nab the accused. However, the Mewat Gangrape has emerged as one of the most difficult cases for multiple reasons. Here are the ambiguities that are confusing the Haryana Police. Mamta Singh who is in charge of the investigation has revealed many of the problems.

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Initially, it was said that a couple of robbers were wearing underwear that prompted the investigation towards the tribal gangs. These gangs have the modus of operandi as the same. However, now it has revealed that those were not underwear and in fact shorts. This has now brought the local criminal gangs under the radar of suspicion as well.
The Mewat Gangrape accused sketches have been released by the police with the information by the survivors. However, more information should be available after the seriously injured couple comes back to normal state.

The victims said that there were four robbers but a minor boy who escaped the spot and was hiding in bushes said there were more.

Overall, there has been no leak so far in this case. However, five different teams have been prepared to nab the culprits. Special Investigation Team is also involved in the Mewat Gangrape case.

The incident took place in Dingerheri village in the Mewat District. The robbers targetted two families who lived in 200 meters from each other. The robbers tortured a couple who died of their injuries. One couple is still in serious condition. The looted all valuables and gang raped two cousins, one of them was minor as well. The robbers also took away the motorcycle.
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