Men in Hijab – Since the Iranian Islamic revolution in 1979, women are forced to embrace hijabs. The Iranian women are not allowed to leave their home without covering their head with a headscarf. Now, Men in Iran have started raising their voice against the forceful oppression of women. Several Iranian men participated in a unique campaign Men in Hijab and campaigned the same on social media with #meninhijab to show their solidarity against the moral policing of women.

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Iranian women are bound to wear hijab in public places and failing to do so can lead to imprisonment or hefty fines. New York-based Iranian journalist, Masoumeh Alinejad-Ghomi, started a social media campaign and invited Iranian men to support freedom of women from religious policing. The campaign attracted thousands of Iranian men who share shared pictures of them wearing hijab to support the cause.

As per Independent, Several Iranian men shared their pictures in wearing headscarves and hijabs. When being asked about their support, one of the said “I participated in the campaign because, I want to stand by my female relatives”. I do not want anybody to snatch women’s freedom of expression. Being a liberated person, I feel that It is the birthright of every human to decide how to dress.”

Another person who preferred not to disclose his name told Independent, “Iranian women were subjected to oppression since last thirty years. I have seen my mother and sister suffer due to the supremely religious government that advocates that male dominance over female. As per the government, Dignity of a man is attached to women’s hijab which is utterly rubbish.” He further added that “By participating in this campaign, I wanted to prove that my honor is not so fragile and nowhere it is related to how women dress.”

Further talking about his experience in Hijab, the participant said, “I was not able to bear the hijab for even a second, I have no idea how the women are wearing it since so long. When women in other countries are running in the Presidential race, our conservative government wants to forcefully curb their freedom.”

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اميدوارم يه روزى تو خونه ى همه ى ما اين اتفاق بيفتد كه همه به حق انتخاب هم احترام بگذارند و اين عكس يادگارى براى حمايت از زنان سرزمينمان باشه…. شما هم همراه شوید در قاموس ما زور گفتن به زنان خانواده نشانه ي غيرت نيست. نشاني اشتباه ندهيد. و اين يكي زيباترين عكس هاي ارسالي به چالش است كه دريافت كردم و شك ندارم اگر فرهنگسازي در خانواده تبديل به يك جريان شود زور و اجبار از قاموس اكثريت ايرانيان پاك مي شود. We hope that one day in every family all respect individual's freedom …We do not believe that forcing someone to wear compulsory hijab is a sign of honor for a family please join the challenge and stand with the woman of Iran….this is one of the most beautiful photo so far My Stealhy Freedom Recived in #MenInHijab challenge. #مردان_باحجاب #MenInHijab

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Through the campaign, Men in Hijab, The Iranian Journalist Alinejad hopes that the young generation will rise against the oppression of women worldwide.

 There are many photos that are being shared as part of the #MeninHijab Campaign.