Source: Daily Mail

Melksham Monster was a pre-historic crocodile found in the British waters in the Middle Jurassic period, some 162-167 million years ago. The fossil found in the clay has recently been unearthed again and it has given even clearer idea about the ferocious animal that could have ruled the sea.

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Originally it was found in the Wiltshire town of the Melksham area and it has been named after the same. The fossil research found that the sea monster had very strong jaw and the teeth were serrated. This helped the Melksham Monster to prey on even pre-historic giant squids in the water. So far, it has been understood that the creature lived in the shallow and warm waters of the present day Europe. The monster used to be 10 feet long and it roamed around the sea.

Today the crocodiles are mostly found in the tropic area of Africa, America, and Asia. The Europe is mostly free of the predators in present days but 163 million years ago, the Melksham Monster would have ruled the sea here. According to the Daily Mail, it was believed that the Sea Monster was part of the Geosaurini subgroup which was found some 152 to 157 million years ago. This was called as the Late Jurassic Era but it now looks that this predator is even older than this species and was found in the Middle Jurassic Period.

The fossil which is most damaged is still in the Natural History Museum in London since 1875. The researchers are still working on the Apex Predators and more details may come out in near future.