Mr Skull Face
Source: Mirror

A Man removed ears to be Mr skull face. Yes. a tattoo addict man from Germany has undergone 17 extreme body modifications in the last 13 years.

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The latest being removing his ears. He keeps the ears in a jar now and spends more than £6,000 for his transformations.

Sandro is popularly known as Mr Skull Face in social media. The 39 years-old man is from Finsterwalde, Germany. He has undergone 17 body modifications that include forehead implants, forearm implants, back of the hand implants, and under the skin payment implant and tongue splitting.

Well, if that was not enough, he is planning to cut off his top of the nose and tattoo the eyeballs.

Mr Skull Face
Source: Mirror UK

Some people do call him sick and crazy. However, he admits that even though he receives different comments but the body transformation has made him more confident. The man says that he has no desire to look cool, but he follows his heart.

The entire body transformation started in 2007. He tells that the inspiration came when he saw someone on TV. The man on TV had spikes implanted in the head. Since then things have changed for him.

It is not only about tattoos with Mr Skull Face, but the extreme body transformations as well. Many of these transformations would scare us even to think. However, he enjoys this and plans to transform even more.

man removed ears
source: Mirror UK

The negative comments on social media and on the street do not impact him. Even his friends and family think sick of him, but he says that people should accept him for him who he is rather than how he looks.

He revealed that when people stare at him, he ignores. Sandro generally replies as thank you for your compliment for harsh comments too. He admits that friends have tried to take him away from all these, but he just loves doing it,

Sandro insists that this has influenced his life. He is currently unemployed and thinks that his appearance has a lot to do for that. As per Mirror UK, he said that many companies are still very conservative and they go with the flow.

He is currently not in relationship with anyone either. However, he is enjoying his transformation and his life.