MCD Polls 2017 in Delhi has routed the AAP and has once again given the power to BJP. BJP has ruled the MCD for over a decade now and the people now once again have entrusted them.

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MCD Polls 2017 Result:

Party Won

AAP has once again blamed EVMs for the loss. The leadership that has majorly blamed everything and anything for the loss should now learn the act of admitting defeat. The Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi Party swept the Assembly Polls in 2015. However, the recent performance in Goa, Punjab and now in MCD Polls 2017 has left AAP with nothing. The ground work that they have done is now on the verge of breaking. The leadership has seldom admitted to their mistakes. Many of the members who were with them have left the party. The alternative politics has now taken a backseat and Arvind Kejriwal has just become yet another regional leader. The continuous targeting of Narendra Modi and blaming the EVMs would give no ground to the Aam Aadmi Party. The core values of the party should once again come up.

However, there is little chance that AAP will admit any mistake and instead blame the EVM, rigging and other things for the defeat. In 2019, Delhi is going to vote and with all possibilities, the AAP will hand over the power to the BJP if it does not wake up now.