Matthunny Mathews the man who was credited for the biggest air evacuation done by any country has passed away in Kuwait. Matthunny Mathews who was also known as Toyota Sunny passed away at the age of 81. He was the same man who was depicted by Akshay Kumar in the Blockbuster Indian movie Airlift.

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Mathews was born in Kerala and went to Kuwait at the age of 20 for a search of a job. He started his career in Toyota and reached great heights. After 1989, he started his own car rental company and general trading company. But during the 1990s, when the Iraq war started and Iraq attacked Kuwait, he caught in between the fierce battle along with almost 1.5 lakhs of Indians residing there. He, however, did not care about anything and worked as a representative of the Central Government and made sure that all were evacuated from Kuwait with safety. He was credited for the biggest evacuation carried out by the Narashima Rao Government.

Matthunny Mathews however, remained out of media focus even after that and went back to Kuwait soon after the trouble was ended. He passed away leaving behind his family in Kuwait. Akshay Kumar who portrayed him on the screen has shared his heartfelt message for his family at the loss to the Times of India.

Mathews set an example to value the humanity more than anything in the time of trouble. He helped many fellow Indians who were distressed during the war. His contribution will be always remembered even after his demise.