Matthew John Heath, an alleged US Spy arrested in Venezuela charged with terrorism after the Operation Gedeon verdict

Matthew John Heath, a US Citizen has been charged with serious crimes of terrorism and weapon trafficking in Venezuela. He was detained last week near an oil refinery.

The top prosecutor of Venezuela, Tarek Saab, claimed that Matthew John Heath was plotting an attack on the oil industry and electricity system of the country.

Heath was arrested last week along with three other Venezuelan nationals. One of them was reportedly a member of the military, reported OANN. Venezuelan authorities claimed that they were caught with bags that had money and specialized weapons.

Tarek Saab claimed that Heath did not have any passport with him. He said that the passport would have established a legal entry to Venezuela, however, he lacked that. He said, that clearly indicates that Heath entered Venezuela, illegally. They allegedly have an AT4 84mm grenade launcher, a UZI 9mm submachine gun, four blocks of C4 explosives, large amounts of US dollars, and a satellite phone.

He also claimed, that Matthew John Heath, had a satellite phone with him which he refused to unlock. He was also found with photographs of the oil facilities of Venezuela.

Venezuelan authorities have claimed that Heath has ties with the CIA. The State Department has not responded to the allegations so far. The case is also being investigated by the officers.

The Venezuelan Analysis claimed, that he is a former US marine and served as a communication operator of the CIA in Iraq in a secret base between 2006 and 2016.

He was arrested by Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) on Friday in the Falcon State.

This comes after the Venezuelan court sentenced two US Citizens in 20 years of prison for failed mercenary attempts. They allegedly wanted to kidnap Maduro and trigger a coup. The operation was code-named, Operation Gedeon, said Venezuelan court.