Mathura Violence – Shocking Details about Megalomaniac Ram Vriksh Yadav and Subhash Sena

Mathura Violence has opened up a new debate all together on the administration and the negligence. Ram Vriksh Yadav, the self-proclaimed leader of the Subhas Sena has operated from a Public Park for over 2 years. The Cult Leader of Bose Ideology has put posters here and there and has been announcing the unrealistic demands from the park since 2014. The Jawahar Bagh was not used by the public and was not even allowed for the police. But what administration was doing since a couple of years? But this is not the only thing that needs to be answered.

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Mathura Violence – Jawahar Bagh

The Jawahar Bagh was full of cylinders, utensils, and food. The locals even said that they saw tractors carrying food into the park. However, the cult Bose leader has made things messed up with his megalomaniac approach. There was a blast of the cylinder in the park when the Mathura Violence took place. There were many in stocks and that could have disastrous if the Subhash Sena thought of burning them off too. But the height was the stage that he named as Parliament and had speakers all around. Ram Vriksh Yadav has actually created his own kingdom with his 3000 followers in a Public Park and claimed his ideology as Netaji’s. But is it the case?

Ram Virksh Yadav Demands

His demands were weirder than his attitude. The cancellation of elections and 60 liters of diesel and 40 liters of petrol in Rupee was nothing but hilarious for the locals. However, his demand of Azad Hind Currency was the stupidest one. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose actually did that for the freedom of India from the British but he just staged a war against his own country with all these. He has never endorsed Bose, in fact, he has insulted the person who had sacrificed everything for the motherland.

Mathura News has confirmed that officials in Mathura may get suspended by Akhilesh Government but is that enough? How can a group of people snatch a public park and start own kingdom in the heart of a city? Well, the answers are still to be heard from the officials and the government.