Mark Zuckerberg is no Atheist, yes not anymore. He disclosed it in reply to one of his followers in the Facebook post. Mark Zuckerberg posted Merry Christmas post on his Facebook page and one of his followers asked him that isn’t he an Atheist? He replied him that he was raised Jewish and now he feels Religion is important.

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Mark Zuckerberg has previously confessed that he is an atheist and he did not believe in God. However, over the period of time, the Founder of Facebook has found faith in Spirituality again and started believing in Religion.

The founder of Facebook loves to communicate with people and he has said many things in past as well in comments. One of the youngest Billionaires of the world is known for his humbleness and honesty and he has proved it again. Well, Mark Zuckerberg is no Atheist at least now but he continues to be the inspiration for many.

Here is the Post and the comments followed that show that Mark Zuckerberg is no Atheist now.

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