Mark Keans

Mark Keans, 39, will finally meet his four kids. He has terminal cancer and is currently in Brisbane. His last wish was to meet his four children who live in New South Wales. However, the Queensland government refused to allow any border exception even after repeated pleas. The incident sparked a huge uproar in the country.

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Mark Keans was told that he needs to choose only one of his four children to see. The state government finally relented to the outrage and said that all of them can drive to Brisbane. However, they have to stay in a hotel quarantine for two weeks and pay a huge $16000.

The children will be able to see the ailing father only after two weeks, geared in full PPE kits.

The family said that the cost of the quarantine would be more than the cost of burying him. However, a spokesperson of the Queensland Health Department said that they understand and sympathize with a hard time. However, they are in a global pandemic and they need to protect people.

The family set up a Go Fund Me page with a goal of raising $30000 in the evening. The page has so far raised $207,974. This includes a $1000 donation from Aussie Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

As per medial experts, Mark Keans has no chance of surviving beyond the Christmas. There was a huge uproar. Queensland has faced huge criticism for the border restrictions. Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie said that they are being cruel now, there is no compassion in the decision. She added They’re not coming from a hot spot, what is the problem? Look at the faces of those kids for goodness sake, this has gone way too far,” reported