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Marcos Alonso scored the first of the goal in the exciting league match Chelsea v Arsenal at the Stamford Bridge. The final score of 3-1 in favour of Chelsea has given them enough power in the Premier League but the first of the goal became a topic of discussion.

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Marcos Alonso jumped to score the goal from the Penalty Box area against Arsenal but hit Hector Bellerin of The Gunners on the due course. Well, the questions raised immediately that was that foul? The opinion is divided. Some say that this is how one jumps to score and some say that on any day what Marcos did is a foul. Arsenal could not real recover the goal and neither Bellerin. He was soon substituted. Chelsea took a healthy lead and finished the game with the 3-1 score.

Source: AFP

The Arsenal Manager Arsène Wenger hit out after the match and he looked quite dissatisfied with the referees in the match. Not only he thought that Marcos made a foul while scoring the goal, but also rated the overall refereeing not up to the mark. He was quite blunt to say that it was a foul. He also indicated that the first goal was the physiological advantage for the Chelsea team that Arsenal could not break. He also defended the plan to substitute Hector Bellerin as he was dazed after the blow from Marcos Alonso at the Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea now tops the Premier League Table with 59 Points after playing 24 matches. Arsenal, on the other hand, is at 3rd Place with 47 points and played equal number of matches.