Diego Maradona appeals to Lionel Messi to revert his retirement decision. Lionel Messi recently announced retirement from International football after the shocking defeat against Chile in Copa America final. Messi is considered as one of the best footballers in the world and when the 29 years old announced retirement, the world was shaken.

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Interestingly, Maradona recently criticized Messi for his leadership qualities and now Maradona appeals Lionel Messi to return to Argentina. Lionel Messi quit international football after the fourth final defeat for his national team. Argentina also lost against Germany in 2014 world cup. Maradona mentioned that the national team needs him and he should come back and join the unit. He said that Messi has the potential to take Argentina World Cup title in 2018 in Russia.

However, it is not only Diego Maradona who has appealed to Lionel Messi but also Argentinean President. He said that he is proud of the performance of the team and Messi should reconsider the decision to quit international football.

His decision was widely debated considering the 2018 world cup in Russia. Argentina will have hardly any chance in the world cup if he quits the team. In fact, the team may struggle to find it in the mains. Fans of Messi have also appealed to him to revert his decision. Even the name of Shahid Afridi surfaced sighting his example. Shahid Afridi, a Pakistan Cricketer has announced retirement many times but most of the times he reverts his decision.

It will be interesting to see whether any update comes as Maradona appeals to Lionel Messi.