Maoists threat Akshay Kumar and Saina Nehwal for helping the kin of slain CRPF Jawans and that is what reflects the mentality of the Maoists in India. Maoists have killed many security forces and blocked every kind of access to the remote areas of Bastar and adjoining areas of the Chhattisgarh area. But as the Maoists threat Akshay Kumar and Saina Nehwal, they are revealing their true face. They say that the celebrities stood to stand with poor and revolution. However, the revolution they have started is not revolution but violence. They must understand that if anything can eradicate the poverty and distress of the people is education and empowerment and that is not going to come from the weapons.

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The Maoists do not give any access to the people and government to the remote areas. They say there are atrocities, interestingly; other parts of India that have many people do not call for atrocities. The Maoists may have started the entire thing as a revolution but now they have turned it into a self-centric goal and harming the own people. The latest threat has reflected the violent mind set. The kin of the slain family is under financial and emotional distress, and extending the help to them is nothing wrong. The Maoists have come across a long way to destabilize the area and has now come up with the new tactics of threatening people as the area and people are slipping away from their grip.

Ace Tennis star Saina Nehwal announced 50,000 for the family of the slain CRPF Soldier’s family and Akshay Kumar announced 6 lakhs. This has irked the Maoists. If there is any financial aid given to the poor in the area, it would be used to buy weapons, not for the development of the people. The people need to be brought back to the mainstream from the evil clutches of the Maoists.