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Mannargudi Mafia is a common term that has found use in Tamil Nadu politics again. Sasikala, the former aid of Jayalalithaa was once expelled along with her family members. Her nephew whom Jayalalithaa adopted as her Foster son caused all the trouble for her for the DA case. V K Sasikala came back to Poes Garden by demanding that she has left all the contacts with her male family members even her husband. Jayalalithaa also reportedly made her promise that she would not take any political position.

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However, soon after Jayalalithaa passed away, VK Sasikala and her relatives came back to the Tamil Nadu politics all over again. Before leaving to jail, she made TTV Dinakaran, her nephew as the second in charge of the AIADMK. Everything in the party is in her grip even when she is lodged in Jail. Yes, the Mannargudi Mafia is back.

This term is used for the family members of V K Sasikala referring to the native place of them, Sasikala gave justification for including her relatives to the party by saying that they have apologized in written to her. Well, this was no way possible when Jayalalithaa was there but as soon as she left the world, Sasikala took the charge and did everything that she was not supposed to do under Jayalalithaa.

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The followers of Amma aka Jayalalithaa are following her, but they are rarely seeing the deflection of her devotion from Amma to her family yet again. She was expelled for the same reason. Well, she is in charge now and she can do whatsoever she wants. She can put the MLAs in a resort to avoid defection and then make her family members in charge when she is in jail. The support of Sasikala in public forum is little but whatsoever she has is the prime reason why Corrupt Politicians are still at control in India.