Manipur Economic Blockage left the state paralyzed for almost four months. The supply lines of the State was crippled and blocked by the United Naga Council and the misery of the people was visible. However, in the last four months, many things have changed in Manipur. The first and foremost was the change of the guards at the Government. BJP has secured a Government for the first time in history of the North-Eastern State thanks to the support of other parties. Congress looked disastrous for not forming the government, even though the party is the largest party came from the Assembly Elections in Manipur.

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However, the recently defected Biren Singh started his work as soon as he took the charge of the Chief Minister office. Biren Singh was one of the prominent leaders in Congress and joined the BJP quite recently and was made Chief Minister of the Government where BJP won 21 seats out of 60. The first thing that he did was the negotiation and BJP are a master in that art. The Manipur Economic Blockade has been finally resolved from the midnight as the truce between the Government and the United Naga Council has finally achieved. The demands were for the new districts and the new Government has put forwarded the talks and the blockade has been uplifted. This is a great respite for the people of Manipur.

However, that raises more questions about the policy of the Congress Government. The Congress Government could not really make the talks and let the people of Manipur suffer for so long. BJP knows the art of diplomacy and wins the trust of the people very soon. The new generation politics is about priorities and the Bharatiya Janata Party has understood the same very well, where Congress has doomed itself in Manipur and other states for ignoring the basic things such as Manipur Economic Blockade.