Man shot dead by Queensland Police

Man shot dead by Queensland Police in Russel Island. The reported that the man was shot multiple times by the police in Southeast Queensland. The man was reportedly armed and came to the officers charged around 9:15 AM.

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Paramedics present at the scene accessed the man and later declared him dead. A spokesperson from Queensland police confirmed the shooting and said that the man has died from the bullet injuries. Russel Island is around 40 KM from Brisbane.

Man shot dead by Queensland Police

Police received a call just before 9 AM for a disturbance on Ranora Ave. The scene has been declared a crime scene and senior police officers are en-route there.

It has been reported that the man was armed with an axe. The reports suggest that he was staying in a rented house. He smashed the windows of the house and also lit a fire.

The detectives are currently investigating the crime scene.

However, no more details are available at this point in time.

The police may have shot the man to avoid violent reactions from him. It is not immediately clear, whether the man harmed anyone.