A Man puts a snake around the neck in Jodhpur for some ritual. The incident took place near the Lohawat area nearby Jodhpur, Rajasthan. The man named Baburam Jakhar volunteered in one of the most common rituals in the area.

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The snake charmer puts a snake around his neck to complete the rituals. However, the reptile bit him in his temple area. The man was unaware of the snake bite and felt uneasiness. However, sensing the symptoms, the charmer took him to a nearby area and tried to save him with his local tricks. However, reports suggest that sensing danger he was rushed to the hospital. There was another report from the local sources that suggest that the man was left home by the charmer and his family took him to the hospital. However, it was late and he was declared brought dead.

This news has spread in the area like fire and the charmer left the scene. He was however arrested by the police from a nearby village after a massive manhunt. He has been charged with culpable homicide and death by negligence under IPC.
This is not very new in India. The remote areas still see many rituals that are actually dangerous. The snake charmers generally carry the snakes that are either non-venomous or the venom is removed. However, not in this case as Baburam Jakhad became a victim of the snake bite.

The inconsolable family has accused the Snake Charmer of death. Local Police are still investigating the case.