Man hid in Chicago airport
Source: AP

A man hid in Chicago Airport for 3 months as he was scared to go home due to the coronavirus pandemic. Aditya Singh, a California man told police that the pandemic made him afraid to fly and he was hiding in the O’Hare International Airport for 3 months.

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On Saturday, he was spotted by two United Airlines employees. He was asked to show his identification badge. He gave them a badge. It was of an operation manager at the airport who is reported missing since last October.

The police were called and he was arrested. He informed the police that was too scared to go home with the pandemic. Singh later informed that he found the badge in the airport. Many other passengers have provided him food as well.

Singh, 36, was charged with felony criminal trespass to a restricted area of an airport. A misdemeanor theft was also leveled against him. He was arrested on Saturday and appeared in court on Sunday.

However, the judge ruled that the man could be released if he pays $1000. However, Singh is not allowed to enter the airport.

The AP reported that even on Monday, he continues to be in Cook County Jail.

Courtney Smallwood, assistant Public Defender informed that Singh does not have any previous criminal record. It is not clear why Singh, who is unemployed came to Chicago.

However, Susana Ortiz, the judge clearly showed her concerns about the entire incident. She told that the entire incident is shocking. The judge raised questions on how someone can actually be at a secured place for that long with a fake ID badge.

Aditya Singh needs to return to the court on January 27.