man jumped to evade police
Source: WKRG

A man charged with domestic battery died an unfortunate death. A 33-year-man was charged with domestic battery after Treasure Island Police Department received a call.

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The Police said that they responded to a call to a residence on 104th Avenue around 7:40 PM today. The call was regarding a domestic disturbance. The officers were dispatched immediately.

The officers reached the spot and started investigating the case. Donnie Brownlow Jr. was arrested for domestic battery post-investigation.

The Treasure Island Police was transporting Brownlow Jr at 180th Avenue and was waiting for the transport van to reach.  However, things changed while detectives were escorting him to the van. Brownlow Jr. suddenly broke free from the officer. He ran towards the Boca Ciega Bay and jumped into the river.

The paramedics from the fire department pulled him out of the water quickly and performed CPR.  Instead of Jail, he was transported to the local hospital for treatment. However, the hospital pronounced him dead at 9:40 PM.

This is not the first time when such an incident has happened. Many times the accused try to break free the officers and meet an unfortunate end. Had he not tried something like that, he would have been charged under the domestic battery. The punishment would have been much lesser for him.

However, unfortunately, for Brownlow Jr. and his family, fate has something else. 

Pinellas Sheriff’s office has confirmed the incident and released the photo of Brownlow Jr.