Mamata Banerjee came out of the Raj Bhawan in Kolkata and addressed a Press Conference. The PC was not only the worst for a Chief Minister but also for the high prestige of the democracy and constituency. The Bengal CM has the habit of accusing everyone that comes on her way, but Governor too? Well, she has done that as well.

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Speaking at a press conference, Ms. Banerjee said that the Governor threatened and humiliated her. She also said that it looked like Governor is a member of BJP.
This statement did not only send shocks to the society but to Raj Bhawan as well. Raj Bhawan was quick to release a statement and said that the conversations between Chief Minister and Governor should be confidential and should remain so. It further said that there was nothing by which the Chief Minister could feel humiliated or threatened. The statement said that the job of the Governor is to talk about the issues and bring things to notice of the Chief Minister. Governor’s House statement said that the Constitutional head of the State, Governor, is not from any Party or any Section of the Society.

Mamata Banerjee has developed a habit of accusing everyone. She has done it for Army before. Now she has accused Governor. The Chief Minister should more focus on her state and control the law and order, instead of accusing Centre and Governor. An MP from her own party was threatened by six people; she did not say anything about that. Local sources said that those people were also from her own party.

The Governor’s statement says that the discussion was about Law & Order of the state. However, it seems, Ms. Banerjee feels humiliated by the same.
This is certainly the new low in Indian Politics.