Malaysia tightens grip on North Korea over the mysterious murder of Kim Jong-Nam at Kuala Lumpur Airport. The estranged brother of North Korea Supremo was believed to be poisoned by two women at the airport. Both of them have been arrested and they are the citizen of Vietnam and Indonesia. However, that does not really give North Korea any relief.

Malaysia tightens grip on North Korea

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Malaysian Police now have sought permission from the Ambassador to question two high official diplomats of North Korea. The police said that they are hoping for cooperation and if not then they would take other options to question. One North Korean citizen has also been arrested over the killing. The police previously rejected the claim of North Korea to return the body of Kim Jong-Nam. Malaysia has informed that as part of the procedure, an immediate family member has to request for the body and has to submit the DNA Sample for confirmation. However, none has turned up since then.
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The women arrested said that they put their hands on the face of the victim as a Prank. However, that did not really go well with the investigator. The investigation team has said that the women went to the washroom right after the attack and that is the prime indication that they were aware of the toxic substance. South Korea said that the attack was carried out by the North Korean Spy agency. Malaysia however has said that the North Korea people have heavy role in the murder.

However, the DPRK has quashed all the charges and blamed it on the South Korean people.