On Saturday, Mahmood Farooqui, Famous Bollywood filmmaker was found guilty of sexually assaulting an American woman last year. A trial court issued its verdict and convicted Mahmood Farooqui of raping a foreign nation in his residence in South Delhi. The filmmaker is best known for his stint as a co-director in movie ‘Peepli Live’ released in 2010. The filmmaker is also known for his expertise in Urdu storytelling.

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As soon as a trial court gave its verdict, the filmmaker was taken into police custody. Farooqui was on bail since the FIR was lodged by the victim. On 2nd August, the trial court will announce the quantum of punishment for raping an American woman. The filmmaker is convicted under the section 376 of Indian Penal Code. On March 28th, a 35 year old American national lodged a FIR against the convicted for raping her. The American national was Columbia University student who came to India to complete her thesis. The victim told the court that the convicted filmmaker first raped her and then apologized through emails which she later presented as evidence. The filmmaker, however, denied raping the woman and claimed that the victim is trying to implicate a false case against him.

After, the initial FIR, Delhi Police made a charge sheet against the filmmaker on June 29th. Police have also mentioned in its charge sheet that the filmmaker tried to destroy the evidence to distract the police investigation. However, the court has only convicted Farooqui for raping the woman. The charges of destruction of evidence against him were dropped.

The insensitivity towards the Rape Cases in India is encouraging more similar crimes. It is time to change the course of the law and give the convicted rapists stern punishments. Moreover, roaming out in Bail should always be avoided as they may influence the investigation.