Source: AP

Mahathir Mohammed sparked controversy after saying that the Muslims have the right to kill millions of French for the doing of the past. He wrote a blog post and said that if one-person deed can be blamed on the entire religion, then Muslims have all the right to be angry and kill French people.

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The former Prime Minister of Malaysia is a well-known Muslim leader in the world. The 95-year-old said that freedom of expression must not be used to insult others.

In a blog post, he said, “Muslims have a right to be angry and to kill millions of French people for the massacres of the past. But by and large, the Muslims have not applied the ‘eye for an eye’ law. Muslims don’t. The French shouldn’t.”

He is one of many leaders from the Muslim world, to condemn French authorities for persisting on cartoons of Prophet Mohammed.

This came after France is under attack from radical Islamic terrorists. After beheading a teacher, Samuel Paty, for showing cartoons of Prophet Mohammed. Yesterday, another terrorist, killed three people in Norte Dame Church. One woman was beheaded during Church.

However, hate has clouded the world. The French authorities and leaders of the Muslim world, have since exchanged words. The leaders like Erdogan and Mahathir Mohammed have justified the radicalism. They might not have directly supported the killing, but they are constantly provoking the radicals to act against the Prophet Mohammed Cartoon.

The whole world is becoming hate-filled in the name of religion, as humanity takes a backseat.