Maharashtra Rape Statistics

Maharashtra rape cases are the second most after Uttar Pradesh in 2019. Maharashtra tops the chart when it comes to murder with rape and gangrape in the country. The data is obtained from the NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau).

Maharashtra rape cases

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Maharashtra has recorded 5,09,433 crimes in 2019. The state was also at the second spot in 2018. The state recorded 47 cases of murder with rape or gangrape followed by Madhya Pradesh (37), Uttar Pradesh (34), Assam (26), Karnataka (23), and Telangana (20), HT reported.

Maharashtra has a sixth crime incidence rate of 415.6 crime per 1 lakh population. Kerala tops the chart with 1287.7, followed by Gujarat (631.6), Tamil Nadu (600.3), Haryana (577.4), and Madhya Pradesh (478.9).

Maharashtra recorded third most violent crimes 44,074 after UP (55,519) and Bihar (45,004). It is also in the third position in terms of murder recorded 2142 cases after UP (3806) and Bihar (3138).

It ranked second in the causing death by negligence (12,328) after UP (21,927) cases.

Maharashtra stood first in the abetment of suicide cases in the country.

It tops the maximum cases of human trafficking.

As per the crime is concerned, India needs to act a lot. However, the states should stop blaming each other and work together.