It was not long when Maggie used to be the first choice for the noddles. It was the leading instant noddles and was widely popular. But Food Safety Standard Authority in India banned the sell of the product due to higher lead amount that is not safe for the consumer. However, the ban has now been lifted by the Bombay High Court and it has been declared safe by the sample results from the independent laboratories.

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The Path Ahead for Maggie

Nestle India has said that it will start manufacturing the product and follow the court orders. No product will be allowed to enter the market until it is clear by the laboratory. Previously, Nestle India said that they are targeting the year end to reintroduce Maggie with all variants in the market. However, now it seems they are even more eager and may actually reintroduced the product earlier.

The Test Result

There independent laboratories tested the sample of Maggie under the instructions of Bombay High Court. The laboratories were in Punjab, Hyderabad and in Jaipur. The result has shown that lead content is much lesser than the permissible amount. Nestle India has however claimed that the sample got tested at least 35000 times nationally and internationally and the results have been positive on every occasion.

The Business Prospect

Nestle India has claimed they have lost at least INR 450 Crores in the ban of Maggie. On top of that they have a legal battle to fight for 640 Crores for unfair trade. They need to fightback and make a mark in the market where it used to be undisputed King a year back.