Farmers unrest in Madhya Pradesh is growing every day and has reached even the door step of Bhopal, the state capital. There have been many incidents and many videos, one party alleging the other. Congress was allegedly seen inciting violence, whereas ruling BJP was accused to have ordered firing on farmers’ that killed five people. However, the most surprising thing is happening from today.

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Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh has announced that he would sit on an indefinite fast until the peace is restored. Well, he is the head of the administration of the state. The farmers are agitating against the Government. It is the Madhya Pradesh Police that fired on the protests, but he is still sitting on fast.

As a Chief Minister, he must address the concerns, issues, and battles his way to restore peace in the state. However, he along with his party workers and other colleagues has decided to start indefinite fast. The farmers protest originated from Mandsaur and then it is spreading in other parts of the state. The situation has reportedly turned violent in many parts. There are reports that protestors are turning to throw rocks and stones. One more recently succumbed to the injuries.

Mandsaur protest started as the Government has banned the sale of Poppy Husk. There have been regulations and the contraband has now been destroyed. This was the latest step to curb the farming and sale of Poppy Husk. Apart from it, the new Digital Payment also reportedly did not go well with the farmers and they have restored to protest and then violence. There is obviously support of anti-social elements. But the political parties must come together and resolve the crisis because the life of someone is much more valuable than political gain in Mandsaur.