Two Tone Kitchen

Gone are the days when the kitchen was just another room in the house. With open floor plans the kitchen has become the most popular wider space for family gatherings. Opting for a two-tone in this area is the new trend. Classic white interiors are totally the rage, but adding a pop of color will certainly make the kitchen visually attractive.

Two-Tone Kitchen

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Combine various textures and colors:
Experimenting with different textures for the cabinets and tops give an aesthetic finish to the area. Marble tops go well with rustic cabinets. Similarly bold dark colors compliment subtle pastel colors. Combining Georgian/Victorian designs with modern contemporary theme brings out the Wow factor. Incorporating a glossy matte feel with rustic wood grain finish will maintain the traditional style as well as give it a modern appeal. Light colored upper cabinets with glass doors give a wider and spacious appeal to the kitchen. For a bolder expressions mix classic white with a soothing blue or dark grey, sandy taupe and sage green, and light maple wood or birch wood with dominating black. You can also choose to make the island the focal point of the space by coloring it in a striking hue. Don’t be afraid to experiment with accessories too, for example by mixing old and new with something like wooden storage trunks and chests against your high-tech, modern appliances. It can be a lot of fun.

Two-Tone Kitchen

Cost- effective:
Going with a central theme all around the kitchen can be expensive. E.g. a preferred wood finishing could cause dent in the budget. Opting for two- tone is less expensive. Merging glossy kitchen island or laminate units along with wooden wall cabinets saves a great deal of hard currency.

Homeowners are bringing color back into their kitchens and designing it according to their own personality. A two-tone kitchen adds depth and visual charm to the interiors. It exhibits a superior taste and creates the luxurious result for a living space.

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