Coffee Side effects – There is nothing better than a cup of coffee in the morning. Yes, coffee is one of the best thing that you can have as a stimulant and to remain active. The coffee contains caffeine and that is immensely effective to stimulate your activity. Coffee can enhance the activity by considerable amount. It can help you remain awake for longer period of time as well. However, coffee side effects start showing up when you cross the limit of daily dosages. The medical experts believe that 500 mg of coffee per day is acceptable for human health. That comes out to be around 5-6 cups of coffee depending upon the amount intensity of it.

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However, if the dosage is crossed, then here are the Coffee Side effects that may come across in your life .


This is one of the worst conditions a human can suffer. The person will rarely get any sleep and face the consequences of it like dizziness.


Constant headache is a common result of coffee side effects.


This is also very common symptoms that ultimately leads to anxiety and restlessness.


Coffee can be a major cause behind dehydration.

Cardiac Problems

Medical observations have linked coffee side effects with cardiac problems too.


Stomach upset can become a regular affair if the dosage of coffee exceeds the normal limit.

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