Lionel Messi to quit Barcelona
Source: TyC Sports

Football great Lionel Messi has communicated to Barcelona that he wants to quit the club after 20 years. According to TyC Sports, the star footballer wants to quit the club amid crisis. The season has been forgetful. It has been reported that after meeting Ronald Koeman, the coach, he decided to leave the glorious past behind.

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He is 33 now and in his final stretch of career. It would be interesting to see if he gets into the English Premier League. As per reports, under the contract signed in 2017, there is a clause of unilateral exit condition after the 2020-21 season. He has probably used that negotiation.

Lionel Messi first arrived in September 2000 in Barcelona. He underwent training and jumped to First division football in 2004.

Messi has scored 634 goals in 731 games for Barcelona apart from winning 34 championships from them including 10 international championships. He is also the winner of six golden ball titles playing for Barcelona.

The decision comes after the humiliating defeat of Barcelona against Bayern Munich by 2-8. The Messi magic has started fading away and Barcelona could not do much both in La Liga and UEFA Champions League.

However, it has to be seen how Barcelona manages the exit of its star player. It is still not clear, where Messi would love to head to. There are reports of Manchester City, Inter Milan, MLS, and Newell as well.

But this truly ends the golden era of football.

The Argentinian Football or the club is yet to make any official statement.