Lionel Messi quits international football and shocked the world of football with his decision. One of the greatest in the game, Lionel Messi failed to lead his Nation for third straight major final in 3 years. He appeared in four finals of the major tournaments and failed to be a champion in all of them. But what made him resign the international football? Is it not winning a trophy for Argentina or something else?

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Lionel Messi quits – But Why?

Lionel Messi has been regarded as a champion but he never took the glory for his national team, Argentina. There have been many allegations about his performance for the national team. However, the way he has resigned, it is no sign of a champion. He is 29 and there is enough football left in him. His national team is a deep crisis and leaving the team for losing another final is no heroics. It is the acceptance of defeat and focuses on something else. He first lost in 2007 Copa America, then 2014 FIFA World Cup, followed by 2015 Copa America. However, this defeat against Chile in the penalty shootout was too much for him.

Lionel Messi – Not a Hero

He has been awarded many awards. He is regarded as one of the best footballers in the world but then he did not show the character. Diego Maradona, one of the greatest for Argentina and World Football, said recently that Messi is a great human being and player but he lacks the character to be a leader. Once the Copa America 2016 is over, it looks he was spot on. A true leader never leaves his team like this.

He showed enough intent to play for Argentina and there is no question over his desire to represent the National team. He is also the highest goal scorer for Argentina with 55 international goals. But as Lionel Messi quits international football; the timing and character will always haunt him.