LGBT does not exist, protestors are a terrorist – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

LGBT does not exist and protestors out on the streets are terrorists. The youth Turks took streets and then hung a poster near Erdogan’s office depicting Islam’s holiest site in LGBTQI imagery.

There are 300 students and supporters who were detained in Istanbul and Ankara in an increasingly violent and politically charged altercation.

It all started when Erdogan named Melih Bulu, a party loyalist as the head of Istanbul’s elite Bogazici University beginning this year.

Erdogan’s broader effort to centralize control over most facets of the daily lives of the Turks.

On Wednesday, he questioned that are the protestors students or terrorists. Erdogan claimed that terrorism will not prevail in Turkey. The protest has the same echoes of 2013.

Erdogan said that there is no such thing as LGBT. He said that these do not go according to the values of the country. Pointing out to the 2013 incident, Erdogan said that there would no other Gezi event in Turkey again.

Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets on protestors to disperse crowds of 1000 in Istanbul and are hundreds in Ankara.

Reportedly, the Police have made 170 arrests over the protest. 

LGBT was legal in modern Turkey. Istanbul pride event was however was banned in 2016. The LGBTQI club was disbanded in Bogazici University.