Legalizing cocaine industry
Source: Vice News

Legalizing cocaine industry could be a near possibility in Colombia. Senator Ivan Marulanda has introduced a cocaine legalization bill and is moving through congress.

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Colombia had 40-years of US-backed no-drug policy. It criminalized coca-leaf.

The senator along with others want the coca industry to flourish and legalize the use for medicinal purpose and not recreational use. They believe that it would also help thousands of coca farmers to bring to the legal and homegrown industry.

Vice News reported that Senator Ivan wants the state to buy the entire coca harvest of Colombia. According to the report, there are 200,000 farmer families linked to the coca industry. Ivan said that it costs around $1bn to destroy the coca harvest, but it would cost $680mn to buy all the harvest.

He pointed out two major benefits. The first one is that thousands of farmer families will no longer be prosecuted and come under a legal framework. The second one is that the rapid deforestation will stop. Colombia witnesses 300,000 hectares of deforestation per year mainly due to Coca harvest.

The State can supply the raw materials to the indigenous artisanal sector by legalizing the cocaine industry. The industries would produce food, baking floor, medicinal products, and various drinks like tea. It can also be used to produce fertilizers. It can also supply cocaine to researchers and to medicine companies. It is used for painkilling causes.

Interestingly, personal consumption of cocaine is legal in Colombia. However, the demand cannot be met and organized crimes have formed to meet the demand.