Legalized Abortion Age
Source: Reuters

The legalized abortion age of Argentina has been lowered. The lower house of congress approved the bill with 131 votes to 117 with 6 absentees. This is a landmark bill for conservative Latin America. The draft law would now allow legal pregnancy termination to the 14th week now. The bill however needs to pass through the Senate.

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The supporters of the bill were all dressed in green and were seen hugging each other in all smiles on the street of capital Buenos Aires.

Argentina has been demanding greater reproductive rights for women. However, the predominantly Catholic country hasn’t been successful to liberate the age of legalized termination of pregnancy. It failed narrowly in 2018 in the senate. It is going to be a close vote yet again.

Elizabeth Gómez Alcorta, the Women, Gender and Diversity minister sound elated after the vote. She told Reuters that,

This is a fundamental step and recognition of a long struggle that women’s movements have been carrying out in our country for years. We are going to continue working so that the voluntary termination of pregnancy becomes law.”

There are people on the street opposing the bill as well wearing blue scarves. They demanded that the truth is hidden and the government is not telling what abortion is.

Interestingly, this bill also has a parallel bill that talks about assisting women who want to continue the pregnancy but facing socio-economic hardships.

At present, there is no legalized abortion age. Argentina does not allow abortion unless it is a serious risk to health and rape. However, many argue that women do not receive adequate care anyway.